about rosie

I was born into a creative family. Having a clay-spattered craftsman father, a tree-cleaving sculptor uncle and a landscape painting grandfather meant that I was immersed in the creative use of natural materials throughout my childhood, and naturally gravitated towards 3D craft as my career. Since graduating BA (hons) Design Crafts in 2003 I have been creating and selling jewellery from my studio.

In my work I express the two sides of my character: a perfectionist’s eye for detail and a sense of exuberance.

Senegal and its culture are important influences on my work. I am inspired by their flamboyant and vigorous use of colour and their sense of fun. I have been visiting Senegal regularly for the last 12 years to train in Senegal’s unique and exciting style of drumming and dance called Sabar.

Felt can be moulded into any shape, dyed any colour and can be used to make anything from Jewellery to Gers (Mongolian felt houses). I find it exciting to combine the soft textures and striking colours of felt with the perfect hard reflective surface of polished silver.

I am also inspired by naturally occurring materials, especially semi-precious stones that are unusual shapes or are still in their raw form: fossils, pebbles and shells.

I teach jewellery making, printed and constructed textiles, felt making and drawing at the local art school and jewellery making, felt making and West African Sabar drumming at the local arts centre. I also teach many workshop days in local schools.